IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications

Industry Presentations

Alongside a strong academic program of peer-reviewed presentations, IEEE ICC 2024 includes an attractive Industry Program including Industry Presentations, which are focused talks and demonstrations on communication topics of high interest to industry and commerce.  ICC welcomes presentations from diverse sources including industry, academia, government, and the user community.

Please find our program below - subject to change.

IP 1: Cellular, 6G, and access

Monday, June 10 14:30 - 16:00
Location:  Governor's Square 15/Concourse Level

Moderator:  Steve Jia

Analysis of Noise Variance Estimation in 5G-NR: Impact of Channel Estimation Error and un-Biased Techniques
Mojtaba Rahmati (Samsung SSI, USA); Hyukjoon Kwon (Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., USA); Dongwoon Bai (Samsung US R&D Center, USA)

Performance Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Based 5G Network Densification
Juan Bucheli (Qualcomm & Qualcomm, France); Wenjun Li and Silas L Fong (Qualcomm, USA); Ashwin Sampath (USA)

Performance Study of Various Relay Nodes in 5G Wireless Networks
Jianghong Luo, Ashwin Sampath, Navid Abedini and Tao Luo (Qualcomm, USA)

A design framework of unsourced multiple access for 6G massive IoT
Yifei Yuan

Abstract: See strategies, designs, and analyses of 5g, 6G, and related cellular technologies.

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IP 2: Space, Subsea, Wireless Solutions and Technology

Monday, June 10 16:30 - 18:00
Location:  Governor's Square 15/Concourse Level

Moderator:  Rao Yallapragada

Architecture and Analysis of Telescope Arrays for Deep Space Optical Communication
Ryan Rogalin (Jet Propulsion Laboratory & California Institute of Technology, USA); Daniel Cho (California Institute of Technology, USA); Clayton Okin (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA)

AI-driven Subsea Wireless Networking
Ray Miller (Nokia Bell Labs, USA) and Catello (Lelio) Di Martino (Nokia Bell Labs, Brazil)

A Search Space-Based Clutter Mitigation Algorithm for ISAC Systems
Yi Geng (Cict Mobile, China)

NLOS-robust DL-TDoA Localization using Adaptive Anchor Selection
Joohyun Lee and Junyoung Choi (Samsung Electronics, Korea (South)); Sagnik Bhattacharya (Stanford University, USA & Samsung Electronics, Korea (South)

Uplink Sum-Rate Maximization in SLIPT Based Hybrid VLC/IR Systems
Kasun Randima Wijewardhana (Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka); Bho Matthiesen (University of Bremen, Germany); Kapila W S Palitharathna (University of Cyprus, Cyprus); Himal A Suraweera (University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)

Abstract:  This session covers space and ocean communications and related wireless technology.

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IP 3: Industry Transition and Emerging Technology

Tuesday, June 11 11:30 - 13:00
Location:  Governor's Square 15/Concourse Level

Moderator:  Yi Wang

Low Complexity Beam Domain Processing for Autoencoder Based CSI Compression
Mohamed Salah Ibrahim (InterDigital, USA); Akshay Malhotra (University of Texas at Arlington & PESIT, Ittiam Systems, USA)

Over-the-air Computation for Grouping Asynchronous Federated Learning at Network Edge
Qianpiao Ma (Purple Mountain Laboratories, China); Huaqing Tu (Zhejiang Lab, China); Jianchun Liu and Hongli Xu (University of Science and Technology of China, China); Qingmin Jia (Purple Mountain Laboratories, China); Renchao Xie (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)

Converged OSS/BSS for Service-Network Convergence across Multiple Domains via Federation, Digital Twin and AI-ML
Anir Khare and Sinan Onder (Comcast, USA)

Design and experimentation of a joint network and operation digital twin for mission critical communication in autonomous hauling for open-pit mining
Catello (Lelio) Di Martino (Nokia Bell Labs, Brazil)

The global digital transformation of the healthcare industry - Requirements for future networked medical devices and data spaces including embedded systems, standards, security, privacy
Prof. Dr. Christoph Thuemmler

Abstract:  Industry transitions, future networks, and technologies including digital twins and machine learning are covered in this session.

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IP 4: Network and Use Case Reliability

Tuesday, June 11 16:30 - 18:00
Location:  Governor's Square 15/Concourse Level

Moderator:  Jason Rupe

ARC: Adaptive Robot-Edge Communication over Wireless Network
Duc Huy Do (Nokia Bell Labs, France); Ilija Hadzic (Nokia Bell Labs, USA); Sara Ayoubi (Nokia Bell Labs, France)

Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Hybrid V2X Communication: A Benchmarking Study
Fouzi Boukhalfa (Technology Innovation Institute, United Arab Emirates); Reda Alami and Mastane Achab (TII, United Arab Emirates); Eric Moulines (Ecole Polytechnique, France); Mehdi Bennis (Centre of Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, Finland); Thierry Lestable (Technology Innovation Institute (TII), United Arab Emirates)

Empowering Zero Energy Devices: A Soft Decoding Approach for OOK Signal Detection
Ticao Zhang, Dennis Hui and Mehrnaz Afshang (Ericsson Research, USA); Mohammad Mozaffari (Ericsson Research, Santa Clara, CA, USA., USA)

TAS Service Provisioning with Grouping Flows for Computational Complexity Reduction
Yuhei Kawakami, Hideo Kawata and Akifumi Tanase (NTT, Japan); Hironao Abe (NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories, Japan); Tomoaki Yoshida (NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories, NTT Corporation, Japan); Shinicni Yoshihara (NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories, Japan)

Feasible determinism in large-scale networks
Andrea Francini (Nokia Bell Labs, USA) and Catello (Lelio) Di Martino (Nokia Bell Labs, Brazil)

Abstract: Various use cases, techniques, and analyses that can make networks and services more reliable.

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IP 5: Solutions and Models for Wireless Problems

Wednesday, June 12 11:30 - 13:00
Location:  Governor's Square 15/Concourse Level

Moderator:  Abbas Jamalipour

Multiuser MIMO Detection with Blind Modulation Classification via Improved Sphere Decoding
Bowen Wang and Shan Yang (China Telecom Research Institute, China); Wu Jingzhou (China Telecom Research Institude, China); Xiaoming She and Peng Chen (China Telecom Research Institute, China); Jianbin Wang and Shuyuan Shi (Wireless Network Center of China Telecom Corporation Limited ZheJiang Branch, China)

AI Based Low Complexity Design for Digital Pre-distorter for Next Generation Wireless Systems
Shubham Khunteta (Samsung Electronics, India); Avani Agrawal (SRI-B, India); Seungil Park (Samsung Electronics, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Korea (South)); Ashok Kumar Reddy Chavva (Samsung Electronics, India); Jeonghyeon Jang (Samsung Electronics, Korea (South)); Suhwook Kim (Samsung Research, Korea (South)

Network Intrusion Detection on End-Devices of the Internet of Things
Jefferson Cavalcante (Universidade Federal do Ceara & CESAR, Brazil); Tiago G. F. Barros (CESAR School & CESAR Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems, Brazil); Jose N de Souza (UFC, Brazil)

IntLearner: AI-enabled Interference Mitigation for Wireless Networks
Ruirong Chen (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., China); Gaoning He (Huawei Technologies, China)

300 GHz Nonlinear Power Amplifier Modeling with Memory Effects
Xinxin Yang (Qamcom Research and Technology, Sweden); Andreas Wolfgang (Qamcom Research & Technology AB, Sweden); Marko E Leinonen, Nuutti Tervo, Sumit P Singh and Aarno Pärssinen (University of Oulu, Finland)

Abstract:  Several wriless networking problems are discussed and solved. 

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