IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications

Symposium Technical Sessions

ICC 2024 - 2024 IEEE International Conference on Communications Conference Program
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Program (22 May)

Denver Time

Monday, June 10

Tuesday, June 11

Wednesday, June 12

11:30 ‑ 13:00

BD-1: Big Data Processing
BFNC-1: Backhaul/Fronthaul Networking & Communications
CISS-IS: Topics in CISS (Interactive)
CT-1: Semantic and Goal-oriented Communications
EH-1: AI Supported Imaging Approaches
IoTSN-1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for IoT I
IoTSN-2: Federated Learning I
ISAC-1: ISAC Waveforms I
Mag-IS: Communications Magazine Interactive Session
MLCN-1: Channel Estimation and Prediction
MWN-1: Modeling of IoT, MIMO, and Space-Air-Ground Networks
MWN-2: Green Mobile and Wireless Networks
NGNI-1: Network Programmability
NGNI-2: Machine Learning
QCIT-1: Quantum Communications and Networking
SN-1: Next Generation Social Networks
SPC-1: Transceiver Design
WC-1: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
WC-2: Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications

AC-3: Security & Privacy in UAVs
BD-IS: Topics in Big Data (Interactive)
CCNS-IS: Topics in CCNS (Interactive)
CISS-5: Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Security
CISS-6: ML-based Intrusion Detection I
CQRM-4: 5G and 6G networks
CRAIN-1: Security and Reliability in Cognitive Networks
CT-3: Ultra-reliable and low-latency communications
EH-IS: Topics in eHealth (Interactive)
GCSN-2: Security and Privacy in Green Communications
IoTSN-6: Security, Privacy and Trust issues in IoT
ISAC-4: ISAC Theory I
Mag-1: AI-Driven Wireless Networks
MLCN-4: Tracking, Sensing, and Communication
MLCN-5: Privacy and Security I
MWN-7: Emerging Technologies for Next-Gen Networks
MWN-8: Coding Theory
NGNI-6: Security and Trust
ONS-1: LiFi and FSO Communication Systems
QCIT-IS: Topics in QCIT (Interactive)
RISSE-1: Sensing
SGC-IS: Topics in SGC (Interactive)
SSC-IS: Topics in SSC (Interactive)
WC-5: mmWave and THz Communications I
WC-6: AI for Communications II

AC-5: Communication Architectures for UAVs
CCNS-3: Edge Computing Optimization
CISS-11: Federated Learning Robustness
CISS-12: Wireless Security
CQRM-6: Edge Computing
CRAIN-3: Cognition in Wireless Networks
CSM-2: Multimedia Security and Privacy
CT-6: Information Theory
GCSN-4: Signal Processing for Green Communications
IoTSN-IS: Topics in IoTSN (Interactive)
Mag-4: Frontiers in Propagation and Channels
MLCN-9: Privacy and Security II
MWN-11: Medium Access Control
NGNI-8: Network Sensing and Wireless Communications
ONS-IS: Topics in ONS (Interactive)
RISSE-3: Optimization and Performance Analysis
SPC-5: Sensing
SSC-4: Low Earth Orbit II
WC-11: Channel Modeling and Equalization
WC-12: Beamforming

13:00 ‑ 14:30




14:30 ‑ 16:00

AC-1: RIS-assisted UAV Communications
BD-2: Big Data Oriented Communications
CISS-1: 5G/6G Network Security
CISS-2: AI Security
CQRM-2: Metaverse
CT-IS: Topics in CT (Interactive)
EH-2: AI and ML Tools for Behavior and Activity Recognition
IoTSN-3: Fog/Edge Computing for IoT
IoTSN-4: Low Power IoT Technologies & Energy Efficient IoT
ISAC-2: ISAC Waveforms II
MLCN-2: Distributed Learning I
MLCN-3: End-to-end Communication Design
MWN-3: UAV and Vehicular Wireless Networks I
MWN-4: Wireless Network I
NGNI-3: Secure Networks and Blockchain
NGNI-4: Network Measurements and Monitoring
QCIT-2: Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning
SN-2: Online Social Networks
SPC-2: Integrated Sensing and Communication
WC-IS: Topics in Wireless Communications (Interactive)

AC-IS: Topics in AC (Interactive)
BD-4: Big Data with Federated Learning
CCNS-1: Task Scheduling and Offloading
CISS-7: Privacy and Cryptography
CISS-8: ML-based Intrusion Detection II
CQRM-5: Wireless Networks
CRAIN-2: Reinforcement Learning in Cognitive Networks
CT-4: Coding Theory
GCSN-IS: Topics in GCSN (Interactive)
IoTSN-7: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for IoT II
ISAC-IS: Topics in ISAC (Interactive)
Mag-2: New Network Paradigms
MLCN-6: Modulation and Coding
MLCN-7: Distributed Learning II
MWN-9: Learning Network
NGNI-7: Internet and NDN
ONS-2: Core Networks
RISSE-IS: Topics in RISSE (Interactive)
SGC-1: Smart Grid Communications
SPC-4: Channel Estimation
SSC-2: Low Earth Orbit I
WC-7: mmWave and THz Communications II

AC-6: Distributed Computing for UAVs
BD-5: Big Data with Edge Computing
CCNS-4: Security and Data Integrity
CISS-13: Federated Learning Security
CISS-14: IoT Security
CQRM-IS: Topics in CQRM (Interactive)
CSM-IS: Topics in CSM (Interactive)
CT-7: Coded Systems and Caching
GCSN-5: AI for Green Networks
IoTSN-10: Protocols, Architectures and Applications for IoT
Mag-5: Next-Gen Connectivity
MBMC-1: Molecular and Biological Communications
MLCN-10: Radio Environment Awareness
MWN-IS: Topics in MWN (Interactive)
NGNI-9: Edge Computing
ONS-4: Quantum, Metro, and Access
RISSE-4: Deep Learning
SPC-6: Massive MIMO and mmWave Communications
SSC-5: Communications II
WC-13: Integrated Sensing and Communication
WC-14: Channel State Information in MIMO

16:00 ‑ 16:30




16:30 ‑ 18:00

AC-2: Artificial Intelligence for UAVs
BD-3: Security and Privacy for Big Data
CISS-3: Aerial Network Security
CISS-4: Cloud Security
CQRM-3: Digital Twin and Machine Learning
CRAIN-IS: Topics in CRAIN (Interactive)
CT-2: Physical Layer Security and Privacy
EH-3: AI and ML for eHealth Applications
GCSN-1: Federated Learning for Green Communications
IoTSN-5: Aerial IoT Networks I
ISAC-3: ISAC for Localization, Imaging, and Activity Detection
MLCN-IS: Topics in MLCN (Interactive)
MWN-5: UAV and Vehicular Wireless Networks II
MWN-6: Wireless Network II
NGNI-5: 5G and Beyond Networks
QCIT-3: Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Error Correction
SPC-3: Beamforming
SSC-1: Communications I
WC-3: AI for Communications I
WC-4: mmWave Communications

AC-4: Resource Allocation and Scheduling in UAVs
CCNS-2: Federated Learning
CISS-10: Network Security
CISS-9: Physical Layer Security
CQRM-7: IoT and UAV
CSM-1: Multimedia Streaming Services, Multicast, and Broadcast Services
CT-5: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
GCSN-3: RIS for Green Communications
IoTSN-8: Federated Learning II
IoTSN-9: Aerial IoT Networks II
ISAC-5: ISAC Theory II
Mag-3: Sustainable and Intelligenet Networking
MWN-10: Privacy and Security Network
NGNI-IS: Topics in NGNI (Interactive)
ONS-3: Signal Processing for Visible Light Communication
RISSE-2: Beamforming Design
SPC-IS: Topics in SPC (Interactive)
SSC-3: AI for Satellite Communication
WC-10: Modulation and Channel Coding

AC-7: Applications of Aerial Communications
CISS-15: Privacy-preserving Federated Learning
CISS-16: Vehicular Network Security
CQRM-8: Security and Reliability
CSM-3: Virtualization Technologies and Techniques
CT-8: Multiple Access and Multi-user MIMO
GCSN-6: Performance Optimization for Green Networks
IoTSN-11: Connected Automated Vehicles
IoTSN-12: Underwater and Underground Sensor and IoT Networks
Mag-6: Evolution of Telecom Business
MLCN-11: Resource Allocation
MLCN-12: Sensing Platforms and IoT
MWN-12: Multiple Access and Computation Offloading
NGNI-10: Semantic Communications and Applications
RISSE-5: Advanced Applications
SPC-7: Machine Learning for Communications
SSC-6: Platform and Performance Evaluation
WC-15: Edge AI
WC-16: Resource Allocation

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