IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications


IEEE ICC 2024 will feature a series of half and full-day workshops. The aim of the conference workshops is to emphasize emerging topics that are not specifically covered in the main symposia. Each workshop may include a mix of regular papers, invited presentations, keynotes and panels that encourage the participation of attendees in active discussion.

Please address all questions to the IEEE ICC 2024 Workshops Chairs:

Janise McNair (
University of Florida

JaeSeung Song (
Sejong University

Yuanqiu Luo (
Futurewei Technologies


Workshop Paper Submission Deadline: 20 January 2024<---Extended date:  04 February
Paper Acceptance Notification:  6 March 2024 <--- Extended to: 14 March
Camera Ready: 15 March 2024 <---Extended to 29 March
Accepted Author Registration Deadline:15 March 2024<---Extended to March 29

All papers must be submitted to the official ICC 2024 submission site

WS01: Next Generation Antenna Technologies for Future Wireless Networks: Extra Large-MIMO, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, and Cell-Free Massive MIMO
WS02:  Workshop on Emerging Technologies in Aerial and Space Networks
WS03: Sixth International Workshop on Data Driven Intelligence for Networks and Systems (DDINS)
WS04:  2nd Workshop on Metaverse-based Networking, Computing and Security (MetaNCS)
WS05: 3rd Workshop on Synergies of Communication, Localization, and Sensing towards 6G
WS06: Task-Oriented and Generative Communications for 6G
WS07: Optical home networks
WS08: Third Workshop on Industrial Private 5G-andbeyond Wireless Networks
WS09: 4th Satellite Mega-Constellations in the 6G Era (6GSatComNet'24)
WS10: Catalyzing Spectrum Sharing via Active/Passive
WS11: Third International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Networking (GreenNet)
WS12: 2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Cloud Continuum for B5G Services
WS13:  2nd Workshop on Near-Field Communications, Localization, and Sensing
WS14: 1st Workshop on Fluid Antenna System for 6G
WS15: The 6th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Signal and Information Theory
WS16: The 4th Workshop on OTFS and Delay-Doppler Multi-Carrier Communications for 6G
WS17: AI/ML-Powered Autonomous Telco Networks
WS18: IEEE ICC 2024 Workshop on Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Wireless Security
WS19: 2nd Workshop on Enabling Security, Trust, and Privacy in 6G Wireless Systems
WS20: BlockSecSDN: Blockchain for Secure Software-defined Networking in Smart Communities
WS21: Edge Learning over 5G Mobile Networks and Beyond
WS22: Workshop ON Aerial Internet of Things (A-IoT '24)
WS23: Workshop on Integrated, Intelligent and Ubiquitous Connectivity for 6G and Beyond
WS24: Empowering Telecom Networks with Large-Scale Language Models
WS25: IEEE NextG-WiSec: The Nineth IEEE Workshop on NextG (6G and beyond) Wireless Security
WS26: IEEE ICC 2024 Workshop on Rate-Splitting Multiple Access for 6G
WS27: 6th Workshop on Ultra high data rate enabled neXt Generation Hyper-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications for futuristic 6G Networks
WS28: 6th Workshop on Orbital Angular Momentum Transmission
WS29: 10th Workshop on Integrated Sensing and Communications for 6G
WS30: 2nd Workshop on Holographic MIMO Communications
WS31: Enabling Immersive Connections: Workshop on Wireless Communications for Xtended Reality (XR)
WS32: Workshop on Cooperative Communications and Computations in Space-Air-Ground-Sea Integrated Networks
WS33: Workshop on The Impact of Large Language Models on 6G Networks
WS34: The 3rd workshop on Next Generation Spectrum Sharing Technology

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