IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications

WS-01: Next Generation Antenna Technologies for Future Wireless Networks: Extra Large-MIMO, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, and Cell-Free Massive MIMO

WS-01: Next Generation Antenna Technologies for Future Wireless Networks: Extra Large-MIMO, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, and Cell-Free Massive MIMO


As we pave the way towards the sixth generation (6G) and future wireless networks, the role of advanced antenna technologies cannot be overstated. This workshop aims to bring together researchers, engineers, and industry experts to explore and discuss the latest developments in next-generation antenna technologies poised to redefine the capabilities of 6G networks. Specifically, we will focus on Extra Large-MIMO (XL-MIMO), Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS), and Cell-Free Massive MIMO (CFmMIMO) techniques and their potential to revolutionize wireless communication. The deployment of these advanced antenna technologies would lead to a new architecture for cellular networks, new signal processing and resource management challenges, and new application scenarios. Moreover, it is time to investigate their potential in achieving exceptionally high bit rates, super low latencies, great energy efficiency, robustness against blocking, security, and wireless charging. Furthermore, the integration of sensing and advanced antenna technologies holds significant promise. The ultra-dense and extremely large-scale antennas have the potential to offer abundant radio resources for high-resolution cooperative sensing. Utilizing sensing capabilities for environmental perception, handset location tracking, and motion detection could enhance the communication efficiency of these advanced antenna technologies. Additionally, the novel cellular topology introduced by advanced antenna technologies might necessitate new architectures for mobile edge computing, edge intelligence, or over-the-air computing.


We seek original work not currently under review by any other journal/magazine/conference. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Channel modeling and propagation characteristics in advanced antenna systems
  • System, network architectures, and design principles of XL-MIMO networks and CFmMIMO
  • Signal processing techniques for XL-MIMO networks and CFmMIMO
  • Resource allocation and management for XL-MIMO networks and CFmMIMO
  • Performance analysis and simulations of XL-MIMO networks and CFmMIMO
  • Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS): modeling, design, control, and applications
  • RIS-assisted beamforming and interference management
  • Hybrid analog-digital beamforming for RIS-Assisted communication, sub-THz, and THz communications
  • Optimization for green RIS-assisted systems
  • Cell-Free massive MIMO deployment scenarios and challenges
  • Multi-cell cooperation with coordinated beamforming and precoding
  • Cooperative strategies and interference mitigation in CFmMIMO
  • Integrated sensing and communications with advanced antenna technologies
  • Security and privacy aspects in wireless systems with next-gen antenna technologies
  • Hardware prototyping, measurements and experimentation
  • Massive Connectivity and IoE (internet of everything) applications
  • Wireless backhaul and fronthaul designs with next-generation antenna technologies
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence-based designs for next-generation antenna technologies
  • Novel waveform design and multiple access schemes for advanced antenna technologies
  • Cross-layer optimization to enhance the performance of advanced antenna systems
  • Mobile edge computing, edge intelligence, or over-the-air computing enabled by advanced antenna technologies


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Important Dates

  • Workshop Paper Submission Deadline: 20 Jan 2024
  • Paper Acceptance Notification: 6 March 2024
  • Camera Ready: 15 March 2024
  • Accepted Author Registration Deadline: 15 March 2024


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Workshop Chairs

  • Rui Wang, Southern University of Science and Technology, China (

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