IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications


Sunday, 09 June
Time:  10:45 - 17:30

10:45 Welcome and introduction by Prof. George Alexandropoulos, University of Athens

10:45 - 11:30 Academic keynote by Prof. R. Michael Buehrer, Virginia Tech

Title: Wireless Positioning: A History, the State of the Art and Unsolved Problems

Abstract: Wireless device positioning remains an active area of research despite the fact that the problem has been studied since at least World War II when MIT developed the navigation system LORAN. This is due to the fact that it has numerous (and ever-increasing) applications and simultaneously is difficult due to the inscrutable nature of wireless signal propagation. In this talk, we will examine a brief history of positioning and navigation systems and talk in-depth about the current state of the art, including GNSS systems, crowd-sourced solutions such as Google Location Services and Apple Location, as well as other systems based on signals of opportunity, and cellular-based positioning. We will also examine emerging opportunities due to Non Terrestrial Networks such as LEO satellite mega-constellations and emerging technologies such as Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces and of course Machine Learning. Finally, we will also ask the important question: What problems remain to be solved? Despite all of the work over the past 80 years, there still remain open problems, which begs an even more important question: Can they be solved?

11:30 - 12:30 Session 1: Measurements, Models, and trials

1570995896 "A Belief Propagation Algorithm for Multipath-based SLAM with Multiple Map Features: A mmWave MIMO Application" by Xuhong Li; Xuesong Cai; Erik Leitinger; Fredrik Tufvesson

1570989706 "Localization in Digital Twin MIMO Networks: A Case for Massive Fingerprinting" by João Morais; Ahmed Alkhateeb

1570989898 "A 5G NR millimeter-wave-based AoD positioning field experiment" by Jingchao Bao; Sony Akkarakaran; Alireza Nooraiepour; Tao Luo


13:30 - 14:15 Industry keynote by Dr. Srinivas Yerramalli from Qualcomm Wireless R&D

14:15 - 15:15 Session 1: Integrated Sensing and Communication 1570989315 "On the Characterization of Pareto Boundary for Joint Communication and Sensing in MIMO Wireless Systems" by Thakshila Perera; Amine Mezghani; Ekram Hossain

1570989770 "The Meta Distribution of the SIR in Joint Communication and Sensing Networks", by Kun Ma; Chenyuan Feng; Giovanni Geraci; Howard Yang

1570985832 "Enhanced Superresolution Path Delay Estimation for Channel Impulse Response Based Localization" by Zhongju Li; Ahmad Nimr; Philipp Schulz; Gerhard P. Fettweis


15:45 - 17:30 Session 3: Positioning in 5G and Beyond

1570989563 "Beyond 5G Localization via Sidelinks in Industrial IoT scenarios" by Gianluca Torsoli; Moe Z. Win; Andrea Conti

1570995998 "Physical Layer Threats to 5G Positioning: Impact on TOA-Based Methods" by Giulia Focarelli; Samuele Zanini; Giuseppe Bianchi; Stefania Bartoletti

1570996063 "3D Positioning using a New Diffraction Path Model" by Gaurav Duggal; R. Michael Buehrer; Harpreet S Dhillon; Jeffrey Reed

1570988964 "Geomixup: Robust Radio Frequency Based Indoor Localization Leveraging Geographic Information" by Minseok Jeong; Giup Seo; Euiseok Hwang

1570985136 "Measurement-based Characterization of ISAC Channels with Distributed Beamforming at Dual mmWave Bands and with Human Body Scattering and Blockage", by Yang Miao; Minseok Kim; Naoya Suzuki; CheChia Kang; Jun-ichi Takada


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