IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications

Call For Papers

While existing security protocols were designed with a focus on the core network, the enhancement of the security of the wireless access network becomes of critical importance. Due to the broadcast nature of wireless channels, security and privacy are of utmost concern for future wireless technologies. It is now envisioned that physical layer security (PLS) solutions, which exploit the characteristics of physical phenomena to provide security, can be used to complement conventional upper-layer security schemes and strengthen the overall trust and resilience of next generation wireless systems. Quite importantly, the massive scale deployment of low-end IoT nodes, often manufactured with non-homogeneous production processes poses pressing questions on the long-term IoT security. In addition, the extensive introduction of AI and the rapid advances in quantum computing will further increase the attack surface of wireless systems, thus, demand quantum/adversary-resistant solutions. Furthermore, emerging technologies (joint communication and sensing, RIS, etc.) together with AI can be used to counter/create sophisticated intelligent attacks, however, a generalized practical security framework is still missing. The objective of the workshop is to both foster and develop the ground-breaking technique to provide trustworthy and resilient wireless communications. In line with such objectives, original contributions are solicited in topics of interest to include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Physical layer security for 6G
  • Trust and trustworthiness in 6G
  • Secure signal processing
  • Information theoretic security
  • Security verification and performance metrics
  • Cross-layer security solutions
  • 5G/6G security (false base station attacks, sidelink security, integration of new services)
  • Zero-touch security solutions
  • Context-aware, semantic security
  • Covert wireless communications
  • Physical layer authentication and key agreement
  • Security and privacy of joint communications and sensing/integrated sensing and communication
  • Hardware security
  • Interplay between emerging technologies (intelligent reflecting surface, joint communication and sensing, AI) and their role towards trustworthy communication
  • Attack/defense modelling (active and jamming attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, etc.)
  • Post-Quantum security and cryptography
  • Security challenges for AI/ML technologies
  • Security of space information systems
  • Optical wireless technology for secure connectivity
  • Security mechanisms for zero-energy devices
  • Security-aware access control
  • AI-based security solutions for wireless systems
  • Prototype, practical testbeds, and performance evaluation
  • Security and privacy for IoTs, HetNets, massive MIMO systems, and mm-wave, THz transmission

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