IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications


Day/Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024
Time:  All Day
Room :  TBD

Session Allocation: 

Morning 1     Session Title: Future Communication Paradigms

Welcome Talk (10 minutes)

Speaker: Gagangeet Singh Aujla (Workshop Co-Chair)

Keynote Talk (50 minutes)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Uttam Ghosh, School of Applied Computational Sciences, Meharry Medical College, USA

Keynote Title: Empowering Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in Intelligent Healthcare Systems

Keynote Abstract:  The healthcare industry has undergone a remarkable digital transformation with the adoption of IoT technologies, leading to a significant increase in the volume and variety of medical data generated. Traditional cloud computing approaches are useful for processing and analyzing healthcare data to deliver high-quality care. However, they encounter challenges related to latency, data privacy, and security. Further, effective data sharing among healthcare institutions faces challenges due to geographical dispersion, different ethical rules and data sharing regulations, and the risks of data breaches. To overcome these challenges, an efficient and secure framework is needed to enable healthcare institutions to share data while preserving data privacy. This talk presents an edge-cloud interplay framework to realize efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving data sharing and processing for intelligent healthcare systems. The framework leverages software-defined 5G and AI-enabled distributed edge-cloud technologies to (i) integrate AI/ML at the intelligent edge (IE) servers for classifying healthcare data and identifying patients’ potential medical conditions; (ii) facilitate real-time service delivery using 5G slices and edge-cloud interplay; and (iii) ensure secure and privacy-preserving health data sharing and processing using blockchain and homomorphic encryption-based federated learning.

Keynote Speaker Biography: Dr. Uttam Ghosh is an Associate Professor of Cybersecurity and the Founder and Director of NSA funded DISCS lab in Computer Science and Data Science at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN, USA. He also serves as a department representative for the Meharry senate. Previously, he held the position of Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Department of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, where he received the 2018–2019 Junior Faculty Teaching Fellow (JFTF) award. He obtained his MS and PhD in E&ECE from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India, and has held post-doctoral positions at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Fordham University, and Tennessee State University in the USA. Dr. Ghosh has received research funding from NSF, NSA, DoD, DoE, NASA, South Big Data Hub, and TMCF. He has coedited and published 9 books and coauthored over 140 papers in esteemed international journals and conferences. Notably, Dr. Ghosh is recognized in the Stanford-Elsevier list of the world’s most-cited scholars, ranking him among the top two percent of cited scientists. Currently, he is actively working with the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI) privacy and security work group to develop guidelines to drive high-quality healthcare through the adoption of credible, fair, and transparent health AI systems. His primary research interests encompass Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, IoT, and CPS. Dr. Ghosh is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a member of ACM.


1570989816    AEMT: Blockchain based Authenticated Emergency Message Transmission in SDVN

1570995713    Deception Technology for Active Defence: Background and Opportunities

Morning 2 

Session Title: Blockchain for Future Communication Paradigms

1570989360     Contention Window Selection of IEEE 802.11 for Wireless Blockchain Network

1570989844      GRACE: Blockchain and Game-based Resource Allocation Scheme for SDN Controllers in IoT

1570985994     Towards a Regulation Compliant Crowdsourcing Mechanism in XG through Multichain-Blockchain

1570989388     Securing Agricultural Communications: Blockchain Integration in UAV Networks for Smart Farming

1570983170      Blockchain-Enabled Secure Device-to-Device Communication in Software-Defined Networking

1570995717     BlockTwins: Blockchain Empowered Supply Chain Digital Twins in Metaverse

Afternoon 1 

Session Title: Securing Future Communication Ecosystem

1570995679     Bayesian Networks-based Traffic Classification Approach for Uncovering Variable Dependencies in Software-defined Edge Environment

1570989680     Enhancing Intrusion Detection in Software Defined Networks with Optimized Feature Selection and Logistic Regression

1570989824     Security Enhanced Framework for Network Access Control in Distributed Software-defined Networks

1570989754     Improving Security and Privacy in Advanced Federated Learning Environments for Cyber-Physical Systems

1570984312      Deep Learning-based Intrusion Detection Approach for Autonomous Electric Vehicles

1570989748      Security Strengthen and Detection of Deepfake Videos and Images Using Deep Learning Techniques

Afternoon 2 

Session TitleAI for Future Network Technologies

1570989066     Federated Learning Empowered Routing for Opportunistic Network Environments

1570996040     SMASH: Supervised ML-based Adaptive Selection of HTTP Protocols

1570996060     CSI Feedback Prediction using UE Aware Sparse Neural Network Framework

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