IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications


Sunday, 09 June
Time:  8:30 - 15:15

Session 1: Keynote

  • Workshop introduction 
  • Keynote Speaker 1:  Aylin Yener (OSU, 
  • Keynote Speaker 2:  Julien Forgeat (Ericsson,
  • 1570989491, Towards Efficient Federated Learning Framework via Selective Aggregation of Models
  • 1570986252, Generosity Pays Off: A Game-Theoretic Study of Cooperation in Decentralized Learning
  • 1570995794, Biased Over-the-Air Federated Learning under Wireless Heterogeneity

Session 2

  • 1570989644, A Distributed Lyapunov-Learning Scheme for Computation Offloading in Vehicular Networks
  • 1570989552, Energy Efficient Federated Learning with Age-weighted FedSGD
  • 1570989215, Fair Distributed Cooperative Bandit Learning on Networks for Intelligent Internet of Things Systems
  • 1570982184, Joint Optimization for DAG-Blockchain-Assisted Federated Learning in Wireless Networks
  • 1570989216, Interference Cancellation for OTFS-Based Over-the-Air Computation

Session 3:

  • 1570986881, Multi-Task Learning as enabler for General-Purpose AI-native RAN
  • 1570988992, Decentralized Satellite Federated Learning via Intra- and Inter-Orbit Communications,
  • 1570989640, Differential Privacy in Federated Learning for Collaborative Radio Map Construction and Environment Sensing
  • 1570989622, Federated Split Learning for Distributed Intelligence with Resource-Constrained Devices 
  • 1570989742, Over-the-Air Federated Learning Client Selection in Integrated Sensing, Computing and Communication

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