IEEE International Conference on Communications
9–13 June 2024 // Denver, CO, USA
Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications


Sunday, 09 June
Time: 8:30 - 17:30

Opening remark and best paper award
Keynote Speaker: Masayuki Ariyoshi
Paper 1: 1570984903        
Low-Complexity Grouping Precoding Based on RSMA for Multibeam Satellite System

Paper 2: 1570989390        
Dividing Control Scheme for Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces towards the Realization of Multiple Simultaneous Connections

Paper 3: 1570996193        
Building Delay-Tolerant Digital Twins for Cislunar Operations using Age of Synchronization

Paper 4: 1570994738        
Learning based Cooperative Transmission Strategy for Space-air-ground Integrated Networks

Paper 5: 1570989849        
UAV Base Station Deployment for Assisting Ground Wireless Networks

Paper 6: 1570988932        
Joint Caching, Communication and Trajectory Optimization for UAVs in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks

Paper 7: 1570989811        
Multi-UAV Assisted Maritime Communication Scheduling Strategy

Paper 8: 1570995978        
Transformer-based Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Coordination in Air Corridors

Paper 9: 1570989347        
Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in IoV: A Federated Learning and Blockchain-Based Approach

Paper 10: 1570989417      
Multi-view Vehicle Image Generation Network for Vehicle Re-identification

Paper 11: 1570989843      
Virtual Network Function Placement for Mapping SFC Requests of UAV-sourced Video Streaming in Cloud Networks

Paper 12: 1570989795      
Multiple UAV-Assisted Cooperative DF Relaying in Multi-User Massive MIMO IoT Systems

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